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VIETRI SUL MARE, MAY 21-25, 2010


Friday, May 21

D. Morrissey (Michigan State): Status of the FRIB Project and a New Fragment Separator

J. Clark (Argonne): Expansion of the Radioactive Ion Beam Program at Argonne

G. de Angelis (LNL, Legnaro): Nuclear Structure Perspectives at LNL and the SPES Project

P. Van Duppen (Leuven): Status and Petspectives for RIB Reserach at REX- and HIE-ISOLDE

J. Uusitalo (Jyvaskyla): Probing Nuclei at the Limits of the Nuclear Landscape

I. Hamamoto (Lund): Change of Shell Structure in Nuclei towards Neutron Drip Line

A. Vitturi (Padova): Giant and Pygmy Dipole Resonances in Neutron-rich Nuclei: Their Excitation via Coulomb and Nuclear Fields

D. Rifuggiato (LNS, Catania): Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities at INFN LNS

T. Suda (RIKEN ): Present status of RIKEN RI Beam Factory

L. Coraggio (Napoli): Realistic Shell-Model Calculation for Neutron-Rich Calcium Isotopes

T. Aumann (GSI ): Experiments with Radioactive Beams at GSI and FAIR

S. Gales (GANIL): GANIL-SPIRAL2: A New Era

G. Royer (Nantes): Mass Predictions of Exotic Nuclei within a Macro-microscopic Model

M. G. Pellegriti (Catania): Alpha Stucture of 12B Studied by Elastic Scattering of 8Li Excyt Beam on 4He Thick Target

V. Scuderi (Catania): Structure Effects in the Reaction 9,10,11Be+64Zn at the Coulomb Barrier

Saturday, May 22

R. Machleidt (Idaho): Nuclear Forces from Chiral EFT: The Unfinished Business

T. T. S. Kuo (Stony Brook): Effects of the Brown-Rho Scaling in Nuclear Matter, Neutron Stars and Finite Nuclei

B. Barrett (Tucson): Ab initio Shell Model with a Core

R. Okamoto (Kitakyushu): A New Iterative Equation for Effective Interaction

F. Sammarruca (Idaho): From Neutron Skins to Neutron Stars with a Microscopic Equation of State

G. Hagen (Oak Ridge): Coupled Cluster Approach to Medium Mass and Neutron Rich Nuclei

F. Nowacki (Strasbourg): Nuclear Shell Evolution and In-medium NN Interaction

J. D. Holt (Oak Ridge): Three-Nucleon Forces for Medium-Mass, Neutron-Rich Nuclei

A. Covello (Napoli): Shell-model Study of Exotic Nuclei above 132Sn with a Realistic effective interaction

N. Tsunoda (Tokyo): Tensor Force in Effective Interaction of Nuclear Force

G. Co' (Lecce): Effective Theories and Neutron Rich Nuclei

O. Sorlin (GANIL ): Evolution of Spin-orbit Magic Numbers from Tensor, Spin-orbit and Density Dependent Forces

N. Benczer-Koller (Rutgers): The Past and Future of Magnetic Moment Measurements of Short-lived Nuclear States

A. V. Ramayya (Vanderbilt): Assigment of Single Particle Configurations in Odd-A Nuclei near A=100 with Angular Correlation Measurements

V. V. Voronov (Dubna): A Separable Approximation for Skyrme Interactions and Charge-exchange Excitations

D. Bianco (Napoli): An Upgraded Algorithm for the Shell Model Calculation and its Implementation in Medium-heavy Nuclei

P. Vesely (Jyvaskyla): Finite-range Separable Pairing Interaction within New N3LO DFT Approach

Sunday, May 23

B. A. Brown (Michigan State): Renormalized Interactions with EDF Single-Particle Basis States and NuShellX@MSU

I. Talmi (Rehovot): Three-body Interactions in the Simple Shell Model ?

W. B. Walters (Maryland): Proton Excitations, Collectivity, and the Benign p1/2 Neutron Orbital in 67,69,71,73Cu

G. S. Simpson (Grenoble): 19/2+ Isomer of 125Cd

A. Poves (Madrid): Nuclear Structure and the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

B. A. Balantekin (Wisconsin): Symmetry and Supersymmetry in Nuclear Pairing: Exact Solutions

Y. Alhassid (New Haven): Shell Model Monte Carlo Approach: The Heavy Nuclei

P. G. Bizzeti (Firenze): Improved Method of Analysis for Recoil Distance Measurements of Nuclear Lifetimes

Monday, May 24

G. C. Ball (TRIUMF): The TRIUMF-ISAC Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) Facility: Recent Highlights and Future Plans

M. Hass (Rehovot): Towards a Radioactive-Beam Trapping Experiment in Israel

B. Fornal (Krakow): Neutron-particle and Proton-hole Excitations in the N=128 Isotones 208Hg and 209Tl from Spectroscopy Following 208Pn+238U Deep-inelastic Reactions

S. M. Lenzi (Padova): Structure of Neutron-rich Nuclei near N=40

J. N. Ginocchio (Los Alamos): Relativistic U(3) Symmetry and Pseudo-U(3) Symmetry of the Dirac Hamiltonian

A. Heusler (Heidelberg): High Resolution Particle Spectroscopy in 208Pb with the Q3D Magnetic Spectrograph of the Maier-Leibnitz-Laboratorium at Munchen

J. Cederkall (Lund): Coulomb Excitation of Neutron Deficient Cd Isotopes

M. Grasso (Orsay): Tensor Effects in Shell Evolution at Z, N = 8, 20 and 28 Using non Relativistic and Realtivistic Mean Field

S. Sarkar (Howrah): New Phenomenon in Exotic Neutron-rich Sn Isotopes: Role of 3-body Force

A. Leviatan (Jerusalem): Deformed Pseudospin Doublets as a Relativistic Supersymmetry in Nuclei

N. Van Giai (Orsay): Covariant Approach to Charge-Exchange Processes in Nuclei

J. J. Valiente-Dobon (LNL, Legnaro): Lifetime Measurements of Neutron-rich Nuclei via Multi-Nucleon Transfer Reactions: Evidence of Orbital Dependence of the Effective Charges in the fp Shell

N. Sandulescu (Bucharest): Pairing Correlations in Nuclei: How Accurate are the BCS-type Models ?

K. Sieja (Strasbourg): Shell Evolution and Core Excitations in Semi-magic Nickel and Tin isotopes

P. Ring (Munchen): Covariant Density Functional Theory with Specroscopy Properties and a Microscopic Theory of Quantum Phase Transitions Nuclei

D. J. Rowe (Toronto): Algebraic Paths to Understanding the Structure of Doubly-open-shell Nuclei

Ch. Stoyanov (Sofia): Valence Shell Excitations in Even-even Spherical Nuclei within Microscopic Model

M. Gai (Connecticut): The Structure of 12C and Stellar Helium Burning

F. Catara (Catania): Collective Excitations in Random Phase Approximation and Beyond

D. Tonev (Sofia): Transition Rates in Mirror Nuclei 31S and 31P: A Test of Proton-Neutron Pairing and Isospin Mixing

A. Voinov (Dubna): Study of the Complete Fusion Reaction 226Ra+48Ca

Tuesday, May 25

N. Dinh Dang (RIKEN): Thermal Nuclear Pairing within the Selfconsistent Quasiparticle RPA

K. Nomura (Tokyo): New Formulation of the Interacting Boson Model and the Structure of Exotic Nuclei

L. Ferreira (Lisboa): The Structure of Exotic Nuclei at the Borders of Stability

A. Dellafiore (Firenze): Self-Consistency and Collective Effects in Semiclassical Pairing Theory

D. Gambacurta (Catania): Second Random Phase Approximation with Skyrme Interaction

M. Boyukata (Kirikkale): Quantum Phase Transition from Spherical to Gamma-Unstable for Bose-Fermi System

A. Di Nitto (Napoli): The Role of Isospin in Fusion-Evaporation Reactions

D. L. Balabanski (Sofia): E0 Decay of the 0+2 Levels in 156Dy and 160Er

J. Kvasil (Prague): Skyrme-RPA Description of Giant Resonances

P. Kienle (Munchen): Time-Modulation of Two-Body Weak Decays with Massive Neutrinos

N. Auerbach (Tel Aviv): Doorway States, the Super-Radiant Mechanism and Nuclear Reactions

A. Faessler (Tuebingen): Nuclear Structure, the Double Beta Decay and the Neutrino Mass

L. G. Moretto (Berkeley): Lattice Animals, Fractality and Criticality in Hadronic and Partonic Systems

J. M. G. Gomez (Madrid): Recent Results in Quantum Chaos and its Applications to Nuclei and Particles

J. Dudek (Strasbourg): Statistical Significance and Predictive Power of Nuclear Theories

B. Szpak (Krakow): Nuclear Mean-Field Hamiltonians and their Spectroscopic Predictive Power

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